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DWDM Mux Demux suppliers 8CH DWDM Module 1.The relationship between the communication transmission network and the business has become more and more complicated under the circumstance of the sharply rising business volume. The original TDM (optical fiber single-wave transmission and time division multiplexing) cannot adapt to the needs of new technologies. The maximum rate of single-wavelength optical fiber transmission for commercial applications is 40Gbits/s, and it is expensive. TDM technology is difficult to adapt to complex networks and business relationships. The optical fiber multi-wave transmission technology that uses pure optical devices for long-wave scheduling breaks through the limit of the processing speed of electronic devices. On the basis of SDH technology, the optical fiber transmission capacity can be greatly improved. The current commercial application rate of dense optical wave multiplexing (DWDM) technology (DWDM) technology (also known as OTN technology) has reached 3.2 Tbits/s, which means that the communication network can be upgraded and evolved smoothly. 2.Optico’s DWDM LGX modules are available in a variety of wavelengths and link structures, and expansion ports can also be added according to customer needs. ItemUnitParameters Channel SpacingGHz100 200 Wavelength RangenmC-or-L-band ITU channels 186.6 to 196.1THz Channel CentersnmITU Channelsch4848 Passbandnm卤0.125 RippledB鈮?.5 Channel Insertion LossdB2. Optional Express Insertion LossdB1. Isolation锛坅djacent channel锛?/td>dB鈮?0 Isolation锛坣on-adjacent channel)dB鈮?0 Polarization Dependent LossdB鈮?.2 Polarization Mode Disperionps鈮?.2 DirectivitydB鈮?0 Return LossdB鈮?5 Optical Power HandlingmW鈮?00 Operating Temperature掳C-40~+85 Storage Temperature掳C-40~+85 Fiber typeNASMF-28e+ Package dimensions锛圠*W*H锛?/td>mm100*80*10锛圓BS)or others Channel SpacingChannel No.TypeFirst ChannelFiber typeFiber LengthConnector type 100GHz4MuxCH21Bare fiber1mwithout 200GHz8Demux…900um2mLC/APC 16 CH342.0mmCustomLC/UPC N …3.0mm SC/APC Custom CH60 SC/UPC Custom Advantages 1. High isolation 2. Compact design 3. Low insertion loss, low PDL 4. Good channel-to-channel uniformity 5. High reliability and stability 6. Compliant with ROHS, TelcordiaGR-1209 and GR-1221 Low insertion loss High isolation Mature production teachnic Applications 1.Can realize 1G/10G/25G/40G/100G/200G Ethernet, SAN, OTN, SDH/SONET and local video services flexible combination, transparent to multiplexing and upgrading of any rate and any business. 2.Expansion ports and 1310nm ports can seamlessly add additional channels to increase capacity. 3.Mux Demux seamlessly interconnects with repeaters, muxponders, amplifiers and third-party WDM products to form a low-cost, high-efficiency high-capacity CWDM customized solution. Certificates ISO ROHS CE Tips锛?/span> Due to the Covid-19,sorry that you and our team couldn’t visit each other face to face.In order to make the customers know us more,please visit our VR factory,it is just like you were really standing in our factory. OPTICO Fiber Assembelies Production Line VR:https://www.linked-reality.com/company/15664DWDM Mux Demux suppliers website:http://www.5g-fibre.com/mux-demux-andoadm/dwdm-mux-demux/

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